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35 Responses to “”


Wonderful piece. And thanks for the reality
check. India needs to do a lot in this
respect. It is shocking to say the least.

I have blogged about this issue with an economic perspective. I will follow up with possible solutions, as soon as possible.

I don’t believe what I read! That’s an atrocity worst than the genocide of the Jews on the 2nd word war!
It’s unbelievable these actions takes place on 2008..

we are a group turkish and europe we are support
14 street childeren in india I whis I could
spons 14 million childeren I will be able to
support.why not the people are
travelling less and supportıng a few childeren
or women.

beein a father i am missing my girld child for last five years untill and unless indian laws are not geder equil will not get justice. i have to remain as child less father no justice to me in any manner. i am victim as domistick vailence.

It is terrible that women are discriminated against in our country. The only solution to change the mindset of people is education. To prevent discrimination of the girl child, please vote for this online petition.

This ghastly crime committed by a male centric society has bogged me for years, now that I know that there is a sustained campign against this with a missionary zeal, I am sure that the eyes and ears of our insensetive society will be opend to this crime against humanity, before it is too late.
I srtongly feel taht all the organised and institutionalised religions are to be blamed to a very large extent, as there is a pronounced bais against women in all religions, and none of them wants to take women into the clergy. The roman catholic church and islam is in the forefront of the subjugation of women.
I wish this campaign and exted my whole hearted support.

umm… I think this is an ignorant comment. There are people who are fighting agaisnt this because of their “organized relgious” beliefs. There are people who are driven by faith to fight this. Just as there are people who are killing girls are doing it more for culture/money verses “religion.”

I am working with an ngo as freelancer to prev-
ent female infanticides and feticides.Due to
illiteracy and social reasons the cruel act
prevailing. Awareness meet with slide/power
point presentation we can controll and stop
the brutal acts

1. We should force legislators to make laws stringent. There should be convictions and in every single case of dowry death.

2. Education should be utilised as a way to negate acquired concepts of gender inequality. North Indian kids grow up with the concept of ‘superiority’ over women. This should be removed.

Madam, I have been reading your book, ‘Sex and Power – Defining History, Shaping Societies’. I must say it is an exceptional book and certainly gave me a better perspective of our cultural history. In my opinion, the book should have perhaps been named differently so that it could have reached a wider audience who may not have perhaps understood what the book is all about from the title.

it’s sad, indeed; like the wells with good water in some parts of India also female population runs dry…

For a Country My India, who prides in having women as CEO’s of top investment banks & corporates, it is shocking that we have 50mn missing women on a/c of possible FGM.we have to raise our voice and stop this. Create awareness and stop this crime.

I am not in state of mind to write anything because i have lost my 24 year, well edu. daughter Anshu Singh, FIR No. 19/2010 in Mansarovar Park, North East Delhi,She faced dowry death on 25th Jan. 2010 just after 45 days of her marriage. I have great concerns about my rest 2 daughters, I am in fear, how to save them from this cruel world of making crimes on girls, my family is in great trauma since 2 months. The police is not taking pain to catch the culprits (only husband has arrested) the Father-inLaw, inspector (Pramod Kr. Jain) in UP police, mother in law Sushma Jain and brother in law Shashank Jain are absconding since more than 2 months, no NBW issued, NO Kurki Notice issued, no chargsheet submitted (they say that time is for 90 days). If you can do any type of legal help in this case, my family will be obliged to you.

Pl. Help me for any type of Guidance to Fight with the Culprits.

I am a visual artist and I had a solo exhibition addressing this very situation. This must stop-NOW! We are killing off Mother India by killing off these women-60 million PLUS…who knows. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this. I am re-committed. THere is such a culture of denial around this issue(even in second and third generation Indians) . we have to addres this problem and seperate it from Indian culture. Violence is NOT part of the leagacy I want to pass on to my daughter. -soraya

A girl. A woman is a human being & has a right to live & enjoy life. Why be mutilated 4 what I am. I am against FGM

i am sure when people like you come forward somethinworthwhile will surely happen then it is troue when we speak about developement and empowerment nothing is done to those senseless people who do not consider the girls as useful to society they consider them only the peiece of decoration when the use is over destroy them. by aborting, killing, murdering for dowry etc. it is shocking still in this modern times such evil persits it has to be completly eliminated.

This site is very interesting and informative. The life history of woman, whatever she is Indian or Bangladeshi or Pakistani, is more or less same. Fighting for existence with dignity and respect is always the same. I am with u. Thanks.

Female Foeticide – A Mysterious Propaganda
Here is a common man’s arm-chair research and analysis about this issue based on the available historical census data of India in comparison with two other countries China and USA.

i want to start a new group to save as many lives as possible. i call it the new Delhi airlift. what needs to be done is we need to hire security agents who could take women in immediate danger to new Delhi where they could visit as many embassies as possible until they get passports. finally the group would buy them plane tickets to the countries they got into. Canada will probably be the easiness country to get into. these women will to be safe there until the situation cools down enough for them to go home. is anyone with me? (this area probably gets the most visitors so i thought this would be the best place to put this plan out there.)

@emery — ideally yes. But there two issues here. 1) It is not just dowry murders or violence that is hurting and killing women. But there are millions of women who are forced into aborting female children under dangerous conditions like 3 semester abortions, such that India has the highest rate of maternal mortality today. 1 maternal mortality every 5 minutes. Even in Afghanistan which is a war zone, it is 1 m.m. every 30 minutes! Then there are millions of little girls killed — deliberately, through violence or starved up to the age of 6 years. That’s millions of girls and women 2) We have to ask how we reached this level of violence. Misogyny is there in all societies, but women and girls are not getting killed there at this rate. And the reason is not necessarily because of moral barriers but legal barriers. Here the law and system is permitting it. It is the same process like the killing of Jewish people in Europe. Once the allies invaded, the killings stopped almost overnight. not because the Europeans had a change of heart, but because what the system permitted a few weeks ago, was not longer possible. We need the full force of humanitarian law agencies to force the stopping of these killing by holding the government accountable.

My plan accomplishes 2 things. first of all it would make a huge difference for anyone who could be evacuated. During World War 2 the resistence in Denmark evacuated 8000 Jews to Sweden. 8000 people saved compared to 12 million lost may not sound like much unless you happen to be one of those 8000. second of all my plan forces the government and media to face this issue. people will be asking “is India so dangerous for women that they have to go all the way to Canada just to be safe?” This will cause a lively discussion and mabe some action as the government tries to prove the group wrong. The main problem with your plan is it will take time and time is somthing these women dont have. I know my plan will take some time to set up to but its not held hostage to politics so it can be done a lot faster. Remember Roopa? if someone had sent her to Canada when she ran away the story would have turnd out vary difrently. I know her case was dificult because of her age but you can still see how big a difference my plan could make in such cases.

@emery — Actually we tried to do so with Roopa. The Acid Survivors Trust (a U.K. based organization) has set up an excellent facility for survivors like Roopa in Bangladesh, and one of their directors did visit us and Roopa. However, Roopa’s parents were not willing to let her go anywhere.

@emery — Actually we tried to do so with Roopa. The Acid Survivors Trust (a U.K. based organization) has set up an excellent facility for survivors like Roopa in Bangladesh, and one of their directors did visit us and Roopa. However, Roopa’s parents were not willing to let her go anywhere.

Women as Object of all time threat

Dear Friends,

Hindu dated 13.7.2012 has published a news about Ms. Sonali Mukherjee who was sexually harassed by her neighbours and affected by the acid attack by them. Her face is severely damaged and she has lost her eyesight & she is now partially deaf. She has been appealing to the Government of New Delhi for help and been running from pillar to post. Now she is also receiving threats from the People attacked her, post their release from jail.

She demands help or permission for EUTHANASIA.

reading the above news in Hindu, MASES immediately got into action by publishing the news on its blog & via social Media and took it to the notice of more People.

Reading about the injustice done to Sonali, I was highly annoyed and wanted to do what best can MASES do to appeal to People for help. We posted about the issue on MASES blog on 12th July and wrote letters to Commissioner of Police Delhi, Chief Minister Delhi, AIDWA, National Commission for Women, Ministry of Women and Child Development. We also approached few Human Rights Organization and NGOs seeking letter of Support and to urge the Ministries & authorities to intervene.

Following this Federation for Human Rights Puducherry had issued a letter expressing Solidarity and they also faxed letters to Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Jharkand and Chief Minister of Delhi.

MASES has approached a Women NGO for further action & protests.

Meanwhile on 17th July the Commisioner of Police, New Delhi has replied acknowledging the mail sent by MASES and has forwarded to Joint Commissioner. The mail demands for action against People threatening you again.

However appeals are made via M.A.S.E.S for further support and lending monetary help . Sonali’s appeal has been published in that.

Furnishing the links below:

to sign & support Sonali:


I have been fighting in Thailand to stop the shocking exploitation and abuse of girls there. But no one puts priority on this as Thailand is promoted as the “land of smiles”, while in reality it is the no 1 deviate haven globally. Millions of prostitutes many under age “but prostitution is illegal”? I have now been blacklisted not to ever enter Thailand again? Pedophiles/traffickers and more, heavy police involvement.Internationally no one does anything.

It is very clear that sex-trafficking, like other forms of human trafficking go on because there are powerful official corridors that facilitate them. That’s why!

May God support us all women. All my prayers for our rights and true justice for those who were been victims. Hoping for this discrimination will be solve and this gendercide to end. Killing is always not the right solution. I do believe there is always a better way to resolve these problems.

I need your help or the help of any activist. We are a group of woman standing for Mamta agarwal. You can read the group on Facebook: Mamta agarwal human rights for right woman. She is dying in prison because if her deeam, that justice in India could exist, that no one will touch a school, she gave everything to it, she is one of the best person I know. We can’t let her down

We checked out the case, and spoke to a few journalists. This is unfortunately a property dispute, and an attempt at eviction of a prior tenant gone wrong, resulting in her shooting dead two people. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do to help at this point.

This is happening in Canada as well.
The Punjabi murder machine was started in Vancouver BC, Can in the early nineties.
This community is still murdering female fetuses in 2014 and has little if ant respect for our laws and customs. Shame, shame, leave it in India please, not here.

My name is Jim Sanjay. I am working on a TV serial “Inderneela” for last 3 years. This TV series is based on female infanticide and over all gender discrimination. I would like all of you to join me.

What You Are Doing Is FANTASTIC!! Please Be Careful ok?!
My man grew up in Chennai. Indian Women are treated Like DOG SHIT.
The First Step Is That They Should Come To The West. We have a lot of M/F Indian Doctors here. Indian women are Equally appreciated here in Australia.
Then, Soon, Indians will Stop Having Celebrations Only When a Baby Is Born With a Dick.The Orphanages Will NOT Be Filled With Little Girls Any Longer.
Child Marriages Will STOP. And In The USA Chinese/Indians Abort The Foetus If It Doesn’t Have A Dick.

I Think This Has Something To Do With $$$$. Indians See Girls As NOT Being Able To Earn $$$$.

But They CAN!!


a. ABORT & MURDER FEMALES with NO punishment ?

b. Have Parties when little Boys are born ?

That’s it Emma. Laws have to be implemented, but they rarely are!

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